Changhe Wang

Professor, Ph.D.

Center for Mitochondrial Biology and Medicine, The Key Laboratory of Biomedical Information Engineering of Ministry of Education, School of Life Science and Technology and Frontier Institute of Science and Technology

Xi’an Jiaotong University,

No. 28, Xianning West Road, Xi’an, 710049, China

Tel: +86-17791408270;




With our expertise on neurobiology, especially electrophysiological recordings (patch clamp, UV-flash, sniffer patch, Ca2+ imaging), electrochemical recordings (amperometric current at quantal, cellular and in  vivo level), bio-imaging (confocal, STED, TIRF, two photon, EM), opto-genetic/chemical-genetic stimulation, in vivo virus infection and molecular/biochemical assays, our ongoing research is aimed to address some of the most important questions in the molecular mechanism underlying exocytosis, endocytosis and vesicle recycling during synaptic transmission and in the diseased brain:

1)  Mechanisms of vesicle docking, priming and fusion processes, especially the fusion machinery, fusion modes & fusion-pore dilation.

2)  Mechanisms of exo-endocytosis coupling, vesicle recycling and the sustained neurotransmission.

3)  Synaptic transmission and synaptic plasticity in health and diseased brain, e.g. Parkinson’s diseases (PD), Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and other neural disorders.



2008-2012  Ph.D. in Physiology (Thesis advisors: Drs. Zhuan Zhou & Claire Xi Zhang), Peking University (PKU), China.

2003-2006  M.S. in Zoology (Thesis advisor: Dr. Cong Guo), Sichuan University (SCU), China.

2000-2003  B.S. in Bioscience (SCU-University of Washington Joint program), SCU, China.



2016-present Professor, School of Life Science and Technology, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China

2012-2015 Postdoctoral Fellow (with Dr. Zhuan Zhou), Peking University, China

2006-2008 Teaching assistant & Lecturer, Qiqihar University, China



2019 Winner of Shitsan Pai Award for Young Biophysicists

2018 Winner of Natural Science Fund for Outstanding Scholars of Shaanxi Province, China.

2017 The first prize of Science Research Famous Achievement Award in Higher Institution (Natural Science Award, the 3rd contributor), Ministry of Education, China.

2017 Hundred Talents Program of Shaanxi Province, Shaanxi Province Government, China.

2016 Excellent Postdoctoral Fellowship of Peking University, Peking University, China.

2015 Young Talent Support Plan of Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China.

2014 Excellent Postdoctoral Fellowship of Peking-Tsinghua Center for Life Sciences, Peking University, China.

2014 The second prize for academic reports of State key laboratory of biomembrane and membrane biotechnology, Peking University, China.

2008-2012 Academic scholarship, in Dr. Zhuan Zhou lab, Institute of Molecular Medicine, Peking University, China.

2009 Robin Li scholarship, Dr. Zhuan Zhou lab, Institute of Molecular Medicine, Peking University, China.

2004 The first prize for Guanghua scholarship, Dr. Cong Guo lab, College of Life Sciences, Sichuan University, China.

2003 The second prize graduate scholarship, Dr. Cong Guo lab, College of Life Sciences, Sichuan University, China.

2002 The third prize of excellent undergraduate thesis, Dr. Cong Guo lab, Wu Yuzhang Honors College, Sichuan University, China.

2001 Undergraduate grade-skipping, Wu Yuzhang Honors College, Sichuan University, China.

2001 ‘Outstanding youth of SCU-UW (University of Washington) program’ honor, Wu Yuzhang Honors College, Sichuan University, China.

2000 Taichanzu temple scholarship, , Wu Yuzhang Honors College, Sichuan University, China.



2018 Organizing Committee number of the 12th international Symposium on Calcium Signaling in China, Shenyang, China

2018 Symposium chair for ‘Neurobiophysics – Cell & Molecule’ in the 16th Chinese Biophysics Congress, Chengdu, China

2018 Symposium chair for ‘Joint Session – Israeli Society of Physiology and Parmacology and Austrian Biophysical Society’ in the 16th Chinese Biophysics Congress, Chengdu, China

2016 Organizing Committee number of the 11th international Symposium on Calcium Signaling in China, Zunyi, China

2014 Symposium chair for ‘sympathetic nerve activity and cardiogenic sudden death’ in the 24th Congress of Chinese Association for Physiological Sciences, Shanghai, China



2016-2020 Member and secretory of the Neural BioPhysical Committee, Biophysical Society of China

2017-2020 Member of the Scientific Committee of Aging and Antiaging, Gerontological Society of China

2017-2021 Academic committee member of CAMPUS Asia Project

2018-2021 Popular science expertise for China Science and Technology Press

2018-2022 Council member of the Cell Biology Society of Shaan Xi Province

2012-2016 Council member of the Proteome Society of Heilongjiang Province

2011-2015 Council member of the Microbiology Society of Heilongjiang Province


Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications

1.      Rong Huang, Yuan Wang, Jie Li, Xiaohan Jiang, Yinglin Li, Bing, Liu, Xi Wu, Xingyu Du, Yuqi Hang, Mu Jin, Feipeng Zhu, Changhe Wang#, Zuying Chai#, Zhuan Zhou#. (2019) Ca2+-independent but voltage-dependent quantal catecholamine secretion (CiVDS) in the mammalian synpathetic nervous system. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, doi/10.1073/pnas.1902444116. (Epub ahead of print, IF: 9.5, #Corresponding authors).

2.      Xuanang Wu, Shaoqin Hu, Xinjiang Kang#, and Changhe Wang#. (2019) Synaptotagmins: beyond presynaptic neurotransmitter release. Neuroscientist. DOI: 10.1177/1073858419844497. (Epub ahead of print, IF: 7.46, # Corresponding authors) .

3.      Mingzhu Huang, Bianbian Wang, Xiaopeng Li, Chongluo Fu#, Changhe Wang#, and Xinjiang Kang#. (2019) ɑ-Synuclein: a multifunctional player in exocytosis, endocytosis, and vesicle recycling. Frontiers in Neuroscience. 13:28. doi: 10.3389/fnins.2019.00028. (IF: 3.88, # Corresponding authors) (Invited review)

4.      Qian Song, Mingzhu Huang, Bianbian Wang, Xinjiang Kang, Wang Changhe#. (2018) Bidirectional regulation of Ca2+ in exo-endocytosis coupling. Science China Life Sciences. 61(12):1583-1585. (IF: 3.09, # Corresponding author) (Invited review)

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Highlighted in Movement Disorders (Moghaddam HS and Arabi MH, Synaptotagmin-11 is a novel hotspot in the pathogenesis of parkin-linked Parkinson’s disease: new implications for clinical targeting, 2018, 33(4):582).

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Highlighted in Nature Reviews Neuroscience (Natasha Bray, A discrete form of secretion, 2017, 19(1):6. doi: 10.1038/nrn.2017.162).

Recommended by the Faculty of 1000 (F1000Prime recommendations by Ronald W Holz, F1000Prime recommendations by Yang Yang, and F1000Prime recommendations by William Colmers).

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9.      Zuying Chai, Yang Chen, Changhe Wang# (2017) β-arrestin-1: bridging GPCRs to active TRP channels. Channels. 11(5):357-9. (IF: 2.54, # Corresponding author) (Invited commentary)

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